One Stop Does It All

A.A. Arden is a Home Performance Contractor

Which simply means we run our own independent program based on Building Performance Institute ("BPI") standards in association with many incentive-based programs, allowing our customer to make one simple call to:

  • Verify eligibility for incentives
  • Schedule a home energy assessment
  • contract with the homeowner to perform recommended energy saving measures
  • perform installation of recommended measures

A.A. Arden's quality control representatives will ensure the proper installation for all energy measures -"RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

The Use of Cutting-Edge Technology

Our building performance retrofit programs take advantage of today's advanced industry diagnostic tools and procedures.  This helps us diagnose problem areas and assemblies within a structure, allowing us to formulate an action plan that can reduce a building's energy consumption, increase comfort and provide a safe and healthy environment.  Our technicians are proficient in:

  • Blower door technology - Allowing us to determine the volume of energy leakage and draft in a home or building.
  • Duct blast testing - Identifies the leakage in an HVAC system's duct work and volume of energy loss from heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Infrared cameras - Provides imagery of a thermal envelope allowing the ability to find heating and cooling loss from your home.
  • Combustion appliance zone testing -Measurement and evaluation of heat and hot water systems and the overall safety and efficiency of the system. Carbon monoxide levels are tested both within the system and in the abient air through spillage of carbon monoxide ("CO") that is generated by an appliance during combustion. We determine it's safety levels in accordance with Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards; determines backdraft safety of the CO levels entering the home using worst-case depressurization testing, thus ensuring a positive flow of toxins safely up the chimney flue.



The "Whole-Home System" Approach Based on Green Building Science

A.A. Arden is uniquely positioned to apply green building science for homes and buildings using the "whole-home" approach to reduce our customer's energy consumption. With decades of residential and commercial construction, design, development, and construction management experience, we have intimate knowledge of a structure's various systems and the complexities of their interactions.  We are able to apply this intimate knowledge of structures incorporating green building science to address a building's thermal enclosure, lighting, mechanical systems, occupant behavior and appliances in such an effective and energy friendly way that our satisfied customers rave about us!


Getting Started   

It all starts with a Home Energy Assessment.  One of our BPI trained auditors will perform an in-depth assessment of your home and create a comprehensive report for reccommended measures to be performed in your home to lower your energy consumption.  The specialist will use the latest technologies to determine your home's tightness, safety and efficiency. During the Home assessment we will provide instant savings measures such as high efficiency lighting (up to 75%savings), programmable thermostats and low flow shower heads to qualifying customers.  The specialist will generate an energy evaluation report using state of the art software and advise the customer as to how they can move forward to achieve their energy saving goals.


We're here to help

As a Mass Save Partner, A.A. Arden can be the first point of contact with all Mass Save programs and incentives.  Our experience and expertise can help guide you on your journey towards energy efficiency, making sure you dont miss any available incentives; giving you maximum return on investment and greater savings which means extra money in your pocket.